Teaching / Public Economics

2013/2014 - Aix-Marseille School of Economics - M1

Intermediary exam
Final exam

Lecture notes

Lecture 1 - Introduction to public economics
Lecture 2 - Facts and empirical methods
Lecture 3 - Social choice and welfare Readings [+]
A difficulty in the concept of social welfare - Arrow (1950)
The contributions of Sen to welfare economics - Atkinson (1999)
Election by majority judgment: Experimental evidence - Balinski and Laraki (2010)
Jugement majoritaire vs. vote majoritaire - Balinski and Laraki (2012)
Do voters affect or elect policies? Evidence from the US house - Lee, Moretti and Butler (2004)
Lecture 4 - Public goods and externalities Readings [+]
On the private provision of public goods - Bergstrom, Blume and Varian (1986)
An accurate measurement of the crowd-out effect, income effect, and price effect for charitable contributions - Kingma (1989)
Are church and state substitutes? Evidence from the 1966 welfare reform - Hungerman (2005)
The accident externality from driving - Edlin and Karaca-Mandic (2006)
Does air qualilty matter? Evidence from the housing market - Chay and Greenstone (2005)
Contingent valuation: Is some number better than non number? - Diamond and Hausman (1994)
Lecture 5 - Taxation of commodities Readings [+]
Tax incidence - Kotlikoff and Summers (1987)
$2.00 gas! Studying the effects of a gas tax moratorium - Doyle and Samphantharak (2008)
Salience and taxation: Theory and evidence - Chetty, Looney and Kroft (2009)
The incidence of corporation income tax - Harberger (1962)
Optimal taxation and public production I: Production efficiency - Diamond and Mirrlees (1971)
Optimal taxation and public production II: Tax rules - Diamond and Mirrlees (1971)
Lecture 6 - Taxation of labor Readings [+]
An exploration in the theory of optimum income taxation - Mirrlees (1971)
Optimal income taxation: An example with a u-shaped patttern of optimal marginal tax rates - Diamond (1998)
Using elasticities to derive optimal income tax rates - Saez (2001)
The case for a progressive tax: From basic research to policy recommendations - Diamond and Saez (2011)
What happens when you tax the rich? Evidence from executive compensation - Goolsbee (2000)
Taxation and international migration of superstars: Evidence from the European football market - Kleven, Landais and Saez (2012)
Lecture 7 - Taxation of capital Readings [+]
Savings and taxation - King (1980)
Evaluating fiscal policy with a dynamic simulation model - Auerbach and Kotlikoff (1987)
The strategic bequest motive - Benrheim, Shleifer ans Summers (1985)
Redistributive taxation in a simple perfect foresight model - Judd (1985)
Optimal taxation of capital income in general equilibrium with infinite lives - Chamley (1986)
On the long-run evolution of inheritance: France 1820-2050 - Piketty (2011)
The missing wealth of nations: Are Europe and the US net debtors or net creditors? - Zucman (2013)
Income inequality in France, 1901-1998 - Piketty (2003)
Income inequality in the United States, 1913-1998 - Piketty and Saez (2003)
Lecture 8 - Social insurance Readings [+]
Equilibrium in competitive insurance markets: An essay on the economics of imperfect information - Rothschild and Stiglitz (1976)
Some aspects of optimal unemployment insurance - Baily (1978)
A general formula for the optimal level of social insurance - Chetty (2006)
Workers' compensation and injury duration: Evidence from a natural experiment - Meyer, Viscusi and Durbin (1995)
Economic aspects of optimal disability benefits - Diamond and Sheshinski (1995)
Disability insurance benefits and labor supply - Gruber (2000)
The value of a statistical life A critical review of market estimates throughout the world - Viscusi and Aldy (2003)
Provider behavior under prospective reimbursment - Ellis and McGuire (1986)
The spike at benefit exhaustion: Leaving the unemployment system or starting a new job? - Card, Chetty and Weber (2007)

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